Murree – Cool Weather


Public enjoying snow and coolweather on kashmir day in Murree.


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39 Responses to Murree – Cool Weather

  1. Maham S says:

    thats really pretty! i miss the snow now 😦 but i am wondering how do cars travel on these snow filled roads…..!?! i suppose people just slide and glide through hehehhe fun stuff 😀

  2. Abbottabad says:

    i agree with you

  3. Hassan says:

    I miss SNOW !!!

  4. meera says:

    i love the snow………………………………………………………………..

  5. 3ds max tutorial Guy says:

    Wow, I have to admit that, I am so unlucky that I have never been to Murree.

    How about snowing, is it throughout the year, or only in winters.

    Sorry if that’s a silly question. But I wanna go there.

    How about the security situation there, is it safe to go?


  6. fida abbasi says:

    i love snow falling

  7. rashid abbasi says:

    Yes its a very nic picture of my home land i love it

  8. filza says:

    i also live in murree but i do not like the weather

  9. Aaqil says:

    Filza u live in murree nice.
    can u give me ur contact number for weather update cuz we are planning for murree.

  10. Murtaza says:

    What is the Exact month of Snow Fall in Murree. in January 10 to January 20. have snow in muree ???????????????????????????????? waiting reply

  11. saqib says:

    wowwwwwwwwww…… muree in winter season and snowfall there is realy beauty to see, but if you have one of your closest friend there with you, then its realy beauty moment of your life…..

  12. Sattar says:

    You can fine snowfall in Murree in Dec and Jan.
    The full season is Jun to Aug
    The best mont to visit Murre are March and September

  13. abubakar says:

    we have been to murree to 100s of times but never seem to hav snowfall there . i am going to murre on 27 would i get the snowfall there. becuse it looks beautiful seeing the snow . i hav just seen the artifical snow in thailand but it was not soo good i wish to see the snowfall in murree.
    regards ,

  14. i love murree bcz murree is very beatiful.nd also my dreamland. good by every body.



  17. Khlid,Tayyab,Waqas says:

    we all miss snow.on valintine day.and miss murree mall road and enjoy.we make plane today but wather not good.same like pray

  18. amir says:

    i have been to murree few time in recent past , i found it is most exciting loving enjoable and safe place……….. if you wanna enjoy the snow fall then visit three b/w 1st jan to 10 feb that is most probable the snow fall period there………but if you want to enjoy the crowd then vist from may to 14 aug ( my recommendation in the month of july last half at this tim you will see lots of pplz there in happy mood

  19. RASHID ABBASI says:

    Yes amir you are right its a very enjoyable place as compare to other places because its quite natural things you have to find out there.

    i m basically belongs to murree and its my home town also.

  20. I love Murree bcoz murree is my favourite place….I also like the weather of murre very much.

  21. ibrar says:

    i love muree

  22. i am zubair and i like this place

  23. sundas says:

    wowwwwwwwwww……… vry nice weather and want to going to murree with my ss this moment vry spcail for me s

  24. Babar Hussain says:

    i love murree and snow as well. i want dating in murree in this cool n romantic weather. if you want contect me 03345046993

  25. Rehan Khan says:

    I Hate Snow Coz Im Liveing in Norway 😦
    I Miss Summer 😦

  26. kashif says:

    hello, i love murree’s snow but only with nice girl . If u want contact at 03008770500 03008770001.

  27. tippu says:

    hello. I love murree’s snow falling but only with nice girl. If u want contact at 03008770001 r 03008770500

  28. Wasim Akhter says:

    pahar door say achay lagtay hain…………kia samjay

  29. murree beautifual city of pakistan i love you murree

  30. Zeeshan Shahzad says:

    I’ve spent unforgetfull days ov ma life in murree. I’ll never forget doz dayz……….. oh ma lovliest & sweetest past plz cum back once….

  31. zainab u nisa says:


  32. Rizwan says:

    i love murree and i always miss it sooooooooooooo much.i was there in last julay with some of my best frds sam, umar and Waqas.v r planning again to go there in jen 2011 to C snowfall.any1 can tell exect time to c snowfall in murree plzzzzzz???

  33. Amjad says:

    @ rizwan. yaar i am also planing to go to murree in the month of jan ’11 (first week / mid / end)… any time. but i really wanna enjoy snow fall there. and poor me. i also don’t know the approx dates of snow fall. right now as from some relible sources. it’s cold (mostly dry). no snow, and no rain fall, BUT after 15 days (till 4th of jan) it will be around -5 or -4. and that’s all i know.
    i will wait till 1st jan and then i will book my seats from Karachi. till then i think situation / weather forecast will be much cleared.

  34. zeashan says:

    I m praying for lovely snowfall, as i m waiting for my remember-able tour with my family.

  35. Hammad says:

    murre is also a beautiful and nice city

  36. attiq ur rehman says:


  37. sohaib says:

    can anyone tell me about snow fall in muree?bcz i want to go muree in 1st week of Jan 2012,but i want good snow at there so tell me plz about the snowfall season in muree!!!!!!!!!

  38. aamir japa says:

    i like murree so much

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