METRO Cash & Carry – Food Quality

METRO Cash & Carry Stores are operating in Pakistan for almost one and half year now. With 2 major types of items (Food Items / Non Food Items) METRO claims to be the place where you can get items direct from manufecturer. Below is a live example of Food Items (Lay’s Chips “French Chees”, Made by Pepsicola International)

Lays from Shop

Lay’s Bought From Ordinary Corner Shop

(Standard Taste and Oil Free)

Lays from METRO

Lay’s Bought From METRO Cash & Carry

Bad Taste, Oil Smell, Burned Potato Chips


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11 Responses to METRO Cash & Carry – Food Quality

  1. Hamid Hassan says:


    METRO management should be punished for this …

  2. Imran Naqvi says:

    I am so ashamed. Actually we are pakistani. We don’t care if some one is selling rubish in our country. All of them do. I am eating these right now.

  3. Hamid Hassan says:

    METRO management should be punished for this …

    but the very important point is that

    “They are also Pakistani”

  4. funpk says:

    METRO will be go down for this …

  5. Silal says:

    To be fair, METRO doesn’t manufacture Lay’s. This is exactly like saying blaming your local grocery store (kiryana store) for bad quality Nestle milk that you purchased from there last night. There is no way for METRO or for any other shopkeeper to verify the contents of the packet of Lay’s. Therefore, shouldn’t the producers of Lay’s be blamed for its poor quality?

    Furthermore, there is no proof that says that this is a frequent happening. This could have happened at any regular store, therefore, it is unfair to blame METRO for the quality of a product from a completely different party. I would suggest that you rename this blog to “Pepsicola’s Poor Quality Standards”.

  6. iampakistan says:

    Dear Silal: you might be right in your opinion, but if you read the Quality Policy of Metro and watch the Purchase process at Metro you will be amazed to see it is not possible without Metro Management negligence. Nobody can say who’s fault is this, whether its Metro or its Pepsi, we have a right to point the wrong happenings around us.

  7. KQureshi says:

    Isn’t there any quality check before buying by Metro? I think they have claimed to be…

  8. Fouzia Bilal says:

    Here is link for Metro’s claim for Service & Quality

    Supply Chain Management plays an important role in our high-performance logistics system and enhances our capacity to supply food and non-food products on a daily basis with consistent high quality, diversity and freshness. (unquote)

    Since Metro claims for providing high quality goods therefore it should listen customers’ complaints patiently and must ensure quality products

  9. Khan says:

    I think this is a resposiblity of Metro Supply Chain Management & Quality department to measure quality check.

  10. Khan says:


  11. shahid says:

    i hav place for metro cash&carry in gujrat facing main g t road mid of lahore and islamabad.

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