Smoking at Public Places is a Crime

Public Ad by CDGL

CDGL (City District Government Lahore) has published this public awareness message to remind that Smoking at Public places is a Crime according to smoking ordinance of 2002.Violation of this can lead to 3 month imprisonment or fine of  from Rs. 1000/- upto Rs.100,000/-.

It is also declared clearly that smoking  is completely ban and will be considered as a crime atpublic courts, cinema halls, seminar halls, hotel lounges, libraries, public offices, railway stations, bus stops, restaurants, public parks, airports, entertainment houses, stadiums, community clubs and educational institutes.

It is also a crime to sale cigarettes to people under 18 years of age and in and around the educational institutes.

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3 Responses to Smoking at Public Places is a Crime

  1. Kamran says:

    One cannot be a smoker if he has sense of caring to himself or for Allah sake to others.

  2. Malik Tayyab Hasnain says:

    Mine plesure,its nice nd wel.

  3. Engineer Nazir Malik says:

    Appreciated and must be implemented by force

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