12 June World Day Against Child Labour

World Day agains Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour has been celebrated on 12th June 2009 all over the world.

The aims of celebrating this day are to promote awareness and take  action to tackle child labour. Support for the World Day Against Child Labour has been growing each year. In 2009 the World Day is expecting to be widely supported by governments, employers and workers organisations, UN agencies and all those who are concerned with tackling child labour and promoting the rights of girls.

Around the world, an estimated 100 million girls are involved in child labour. Many of these girls undertake similar types of work as boys, but often also endure additional hardships and face extra risks. Moreover, girls are all too often exposed to some of the worst forms of child labour, often in hidden work situations.

This day has been actively celebrated in Pakistan too, various NGO’s and Human Rights Organizations conducted events to creat events. Govt. of Pakistan should also take serious steps towards short term and long term plans for supporting this cause.

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One Response to 12 June World Day Against Child Labour

  1. Owais says:

    It’s really a sin and injustice in Pakistan, India, Bangle desh, china, Sri Lanka, or anywhere in the world but the question arises how the poor class of children will survive if they do not work? In fact it’s the responsibility of state to manage them but would the government performed in their favour in past or be responsible for them in future? So if not then let them do work for their lives and avoid to keep them away from news as a burden while their work must be appreciated for rewards by all up to their limits.

    Rumman Ahmad

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