How to Stay Safe from Terrorism in Pakistan

Stay Safe from Terrorism

Anjuman Halal Ahmer Punjab has published some useful and informative tricks for public safety to stay safe from terrorism;

  • Lock the Car Doors while driving.
  • Always keep an eye around you and your home surroundings.
  • Shop at less rushed places.
  • Whenever a new tenant came around your home inform the area Nazim or security agencies.
  • Always keep your NIC (National ID Card) with you issued by NADRA, in case of important document loss please
    inform at 15 or nearest police station as soon as possible.
  • To secure your home install CCTV cameras with recording system.
  • Don’t allow any stranger men or women to enter into your home.
  • Teach your kids about talking with strangers related to home also warn them to not take anything for
    eating from any stranger while sending them to school.
  • Talk to kids and women about emergency situations i.e. in case of emergency dial 15,115, 1122 or Halal
    Ahmer Punjab to inform about the incident.
  • Make a list of emergency numbers and services and feed it in your mobiles and past one copy on your home
    wall near phone.
  • If some place caught fire, try to get escape while laying down on floor, wrap wet cloths around your body
    and also keep whistle with you to avoid screaming for help.
  • If you witness any un-attended bags or shopping bag just inform the law agencies or Halal Ahmer Punjab,
    do not let your luggage un-attended in any case.
  • Do not accept any parcel from courier without senders address, as it may contain some chemical or
    dangerous material to kill.
  • Do not provide any kind of information about you while travelling on bus, train or plane.
  • Always do thorough investigation before appointing any employee at home or your office.

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