World Anti Narcotics Day 2009

World Anti Narcotics Day 2009

World Anti Narcotics Day 2009 is being observed on Friday June 26′ 2009  in Pakistan also like other parts of the world.

This day is being observed  each year to raise awareness of the major problems which are caused by illicit drugs in our society.

This day is supported by individuals, communities and various organizations all over the world. The UNODC (UN Office on Drugs and Crime) has, over the years, been actively involved in launching campaigns to mobilize support for drug control in various regions of the World.

Though the statistics are out-dated  and its not possible to take the whole view, it is an open truth that the drug the affectees are increasing rapidly. Pakistani experts had expressed their deep concern over the increasing numbers of drug addicts which are also increasing the number of HIV cases in the country. While the number of drug addicts have reached more than 25,000 in Karachi, who use heroin through injections, which is another source to spread HIV.

These drug addicts can be seen in populated areas, near railway tracks in Karachi, around the shahi qila walls in Lahore and in so many other cities on signals begging for money and bread. Narcotics has been very serious threat to humanity and coming generations. It is also being observed that teens (boys/girls) from high society take narcotics for fun and status symbol. Which is another disease to society and becoming a trend because the parents have no check on their kids and also because of easy availability of these narcotics and drugs in schools, colleges.

There are several clinics and treatment centers for drug addicts run by individual doctors or NGOs but Government has not taken any serious steps to stop illegal drug supplies and transportation from other countries to secure the youth of Pakistan from worst problem. Govt. should also make some addiction treatment clinics and centers to decrease the level of effected population including those narcotics addicted men, women and underage children who are running towards a painful death just because of no-way out.

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  1. birdy says:

    Yes to life, No to drugs

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