Parking at No Parking

No Parking

Parking at “No Parking” is wrong as per Traffic Laws in Pakistan. It is a very common practice by most of us, we do not bother to care about the rules and regulations. On the other hand the competent authorities who have all the rights to implement the rules are not playing an active role to create the awareness but neglecting and only passing the time.

As it can be clearly seen in above picture, there is a Traffic Sign by Government, stating “P” which is crossed, it means Parking of vehicles such as bikes, cars etc is prohibited in-front of this sign and nearby area. But the policeman is sitting there calmly while the wrongly parked bike is also there just a few feet away from the  sign board and the policeman. It is also clearly written in urdu “Parking of bikes and cars is prohibited here, violators will be handed over to Police (Order by Police)”

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3 Responses to Parking at No Parking

  1. Hassan says:

    Such a funny picture. Real face of POLICE

  2. Junaid says:

    police sucks

  3. solomon says:

    then what we have to do,
    and what Government should have to do????

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