PTCL Data Center Lahore

CM Punjab inaugurated the 2nd PTCL Data Center in Lahore  on January 14th 2011. The first data center was set up in Karachi in the February 2010. Both PTCL Data Centers are certified by the internationally recognized certification body, EPI, This certification by an international body is the first data center certification in Pakistan’s history. PTCL Data Center will provide following services to its valuable customers.


1- Infrastructure Hosting (Caging, Co-Location)
2- Application Hosting (To Host Customer applications on Unified PTCL Infrastructure)
3- On Demand Services (DR Solution , Backup Solution, Storage on Demand, Processing on Demand, HA through PTCL infrastructure)
4- Hosted Business Solution (Email & Collaboration , Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, SaaS (Software as a Service), CRMs, ERP)


1- 99.999 % Uptime
2- Every component is TIA 942 compliant
3- Quarterly Technical Audits
4- Round the clock support
5- Gigabit Ethernet on demand basis
6- 3+ Tier Storage Architecture and Many More.


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