Pakistan’s Fastest Super Computer at NUST

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Chairman HEC Mr. Javaid Laghari Inaugurated the first Super Computer of Pakistan at NUST (National University of Science & Technology) in Islamabad on March 6th, 2012. The inauguration ceremony held at Research Center for Modeling and Simulation (RCMS), NUST acquired this high-end computational facility through financial grant by MoST (Ministry of Science and Technology).

This super computer has the fastest GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) based parallel computing system operating in any organisation or academic institution in Pakistan till date. The super computer can perform parallel computation at a peak speed of 132 Teraflops (132 Trillion Operations per second).  It is equipped with multi-core processors and graphics co-processors with inter-processor communication speed of 40 Gbps.

Besides the supercomputer’s extensive utilisation in the computation-intensive research projects in the areas of Fluid Dynamics and Biosciences at NUST, this massively parallel computing facility can also be utilized to handle huge data processing applications of social sciences such as Flood and Weather Forecasting, Oil and Gas Exploration, energy efficient building designs and national transportation management.

HEC Chairman not only appreciated the NUST technical team, but also offered full support by HEC and encouraged other institutes and Universities to step forward and take benefits in research by taking benefits in research work from this super computer facility at NUST.

Photo: Nust Super Computer Inauguration Ceremony - 6 March, 2012

Photo: Javaid Laghari Chairman HEC Visiting Super Computer Facility at RCMS, NUST

Technical Specifications of Pakistan’s Fastest Super Computer:

  • Computer’s Cluster configuration:
    • 66 NODE supercomputer with 30,992 processor cores
    • 2 Head Node (16 Processor Cores)
    • 32 Dual Quad Core Computer Nodes (256 Processor Cores)
    • 32 Nvidia Computing Processors
    • Each processor has 960 Processor Cores (30,720 processor Cores)
  • QDR Infiniband Interconnection
  • 21.6TB SAN storage
  • Power Backup
  • Cooling System

This supercomputing facility would be a source of inspiration for PhD scholars, abroad, to return to Pakistan.

“This will give an impetus for collaborative research between universities and other research organisations within the country and abroad.”


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